About us

Marianne's Morsels aims to provide our customers with beautiful, high quality cakes at reasonable prices in a way that is considerate of your needs and convenience.

What do we mean by that?
Well most of it is precisely what it says. We aim to provide our customers with a cake which you wont want to ruin by cutting into it and yet be so glad you did from the very first bite. And by "needs and convenience" we mean that we know that every project is unique with its own special requirements (perhaps there's a colour match issue, or a particular type of cake, flavour, or may be a dietary issue to consider?) and that organising an event can be hectic and stressful. So we employ a flexible view which means a custom approach to each project focused on providing you with the cake you need in at your convenience.

What we offer: Free design consultation(s)
Free delivery upto 15 miles
A unique product everytime
Short notice service